Battle of Heroes
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Battle of Heroes
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Battle of Heroes Description

A massive war has shaken Évagar and only one person can win it - you! Build a city, guard it, and take out your enemies! Conquer the Golden Plains of Évagar to become the most renown leader this world has ever seen…


If there’s one genre in the world of mobile games that seems to stand out these days, it’s combat RTS. We are talking about games such as Clash of Clans which feature a world at war. In this genre, you focus on building a massive fortress that is safe from inimical attacks. Instead of just waiting to be attacked by enemies, you will also be the aggressor taking down your opponents when you see fit! The guys and girls over at Ubisoft have released their own interpretation of this genre called Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals. Don’t worry though, this mobile game is much more than just a simple carbon copy of other titles of this genre.

The strategy game is set in a fantastical world called Évagar, a place that is unfortunately struck by a raging war. You are in the midst of this battle between civilizations and will do anything in your power to lead your city to victory. Several heroes await your every command relying on your instructions to conquer the Golden Plains of Évagar!

Battle of Heroes excels with its extensive single player campaign mode and its intense multiplayer game mode. The first one lets you explore the mobile game’s universe and plot to discover many new heroes. The latter lets you battle it out against other players trying to conquer and rule as many territories as you can and thereby climbing the ranks of the league.

In the mobile strategy game, you create your own citadel and constantly improve its defenses. You will build and assign archers, outposts, catapults, and any other fortification you can make good use of. In battle, you will take control of various unique heroes, each with their very own abilities and skills. Select a target and carry out incantations and spells to defeat them. The app features five different types of units that you should make wise use of.

Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals is a free-to-play mobile game that is available for iPhone and iPad.

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