Battle of Destiny
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Battle of Destiny
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Battle of Destiny Description

The Gods have left this cursed world behind to man and now you must fend for yourself. A darkness has settled upon the land and strange creatures have begun to rise up and challenge humans…


Battle of Destiny is a free-to-play, 2D online game that harkens back to a simpler time when arcades were all the rage. Featuring the arcade experience online, you can even employ a joypad in order to play the online game.

The character creation and game play in Battle of Destiny pulls a lot of influence from anime and manga style graphics. Not only can you have an anime-version of yourself, these characters are completely customizable, bringing the online world to life.

As you level and progress in Battle of Destiny, you will be able to find and earn new special items. These pieces of equipment can be incredibly powerful and add to the abilities of your character.

With main quests and sub quests there is always something to challenge you in Battle of Destiny. The quests will pull you into the lore and story of the anime-inspired world and will often reward you for your hard work.

You also have the option to throw your own style into the online game. Battle of Destiny features an avatar fashion system. This allows you to create a custom avatar for your character with your own personal style and all.

Use your combos and special moves to defeat the horde of creatures that grows ever stronger by the day in Battle of Destiny. You must become the hero by mastering your skills and finding new, powerful weapons with which to unleash thunderous attacks on your enemies. Take on the mightiest of these creatures, the bosses, on each map and truly prove your worth!

by Kyle Hayth

Battle of Destiny Screenshots

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