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Battle Master
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Battle Master Description

You are a noble and rule your lands with honor and prestige. The ultimate goal is to use your political power and armies to become the Duke of your realm and conquer others with your allies...


Battle Master is a turn-based, browser strategy game. Using complex tactics and solid teamwork, you strive to become the rulers of your realm and rise up from being a simple noble to the lofty title of Duke, of which there are only a few.

Teamwork is a key component to achieving victory in Battle Master. From the beginning of the game, you are a part of a team. Using strategy together, you can through diplomatic means or by force attempt to expand your nation and impose your will upon others.

There are two turns everyday and at the end of each turn moves or orders that players have decided upon will be carried out. Battle Master includes every aspect of empire building, ranging from tax collection all the way to elections. These larger events are the ones that are based on the turn system. Other smaller events, such as troop recruitment or training, can be completed in between these times.

Once you become the Duke of a realm in Battle Master, the fight is still not over. You must lead your realm to greater victory by competing with others in order for yours to prosper and survive. These competitions are intense and require a lot of planning by you and your team.

Building an empire requires solid strategy, political savvy and proper teamwork. Battle Master offers players the opportunity to use all of these skills in a turn-based, browser strategy game. Prove your worth and become the leader of your realm in order to face off against others with your allies.

by Kyle Hayth

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