Battle for the Galaxy
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Battle for the Galaxy
What to expect:
  • Collect War Points to Move Up in the International Ranking
  • Build a Sci-Fi Military Base
  • Attack Hostile Bases to Collect more Resources
  • Research New Buildings and Military Technologies
  • Free-to-Play in Your Browser
  • Browser Games
  • Strategy
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Topic
  • Science-Fiction
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Play Battle for the Galaxy for Free in Your Browser

Become a military leader in the free-to-play browser game Battle for the Galaxy! Only the best commanders will move up in the international ranking.


Welcome to the future, young commanders! It is a tumultuous time, as different nations and players fight for powerful and precious resources on distant planets. In the free-to-play browser game Battle for the Galaxy you slip into the role of a military leader who settles on an unpopulated foreign planet in the galaxy. The world is green, fruitful, and full of precious resources. It is up to you to harvest the resources and become a force to be reckoned with in the galaxy.

As in most real time strategy games, you start on a very small scale in Battle for the Galaxy. Your goal is to expand your small base into a powerful military nation, but all things must start somewhere. Your first building will be the Starport, which is your headquarter. This facility is the heart of your base, and it allows you to train and recruit troops. The Starport determines which other facilities you can build. It is crucial to constantly upgrade the headquarters to improve your base.

Conquer The Universe in Battle for the Galaxy!

While you can harvest quite a few resources on your own planet, it is equally as important to attack hostile bases to loot their resources and accelerate your success. The most important resource is energy which allows you to train troops, produce vehicles, and build Titanium Mines. In the Titanium Mines, you can produce a resource called titanium, which allows you to build defensive facilities, energy generators, and storage buildings.

When you win against other hostile bases in Battle for the Galaxy, you are rewarded with up to three War Points depending on how successfully you eradicated your opponents. By collecting War Points, you will slowly but surely move up in the League. There are various levels in this daily competition between players of a similar level. Fight against as many enemies as possible to become the most successful player in Battle for the Galaxy.

Battle for the Galaxy is not only available in the browser of your choice, but also for smartphones and tablets.

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