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Battle Dawn
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Battle Dawn Description

The future is a dark place and it is up to you to create a powerful empire that will unite the world. Start with a small city and create a mighty nation with powerful armies!


In the free-to-play, browser-based strategy game, Battle Dawn, you will be challenged to build an empire from the ground up. Not only will you have to defend yourself from others around you, it is a challenge before you to create an army and conquer the world for glory and fame. However, this is much easier said than done.

To help your empire grow, you will have to diligently collect the resources of the world. They are Metal, Oil, Energy and Workers. It is crucial in the beginning stages of Battle Dawn that you collect resources quickly and construct new buildings that will help you store and process these valuable materials. As time goes by, you will eventually be able to use these resources to forge a mighty army.

Once your home base is ready and growing, you can begin to recruit troops. Create a powerful army by combining a number of different kinds of units together because you never know what your opponents will have in store for you. You will have to outwit and out maneuver them by using your strategies. If you manage to do so, you will be able to swiftly defeat them and take their lands, as well as their resources, as your own.

There are different worlds in Battle Dawn, each with a different pace of gameplay. The turns are called “Ticks” and depending on which world you select, they will either go by faster or slower. You should pick the one that fits you the best and be ready to take down your enemies and claim the glory of victory for you and your empire!

by Kyle Hayth

Battle Dawn Screenshots

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