Battle Dawn Galaxies
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Battle Dawn Galaxies
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Battle Dawn Galaxies Description

This strategic MMO puts you in charge of your own space station. Through skill, strategy, and determination you expand you expand your rule over the entire universe...


Battle Dawn Galaxies is a science fiction online game that you can play in the browser of your choice. All you need to do is register an account in order to begin your intergalactic adventure. You are initially allocated your own small space station, from which you will begin plotting your strategic reign over the galaxy. Players can expand their space station, challenge other players to intense space battles, and more in Battle Dawn Galaxies. The simplistic approach of the space game actually reminds us of old-school arcade games, such as Space Invaders. More than flashy effects, you will need to focus on the right strategy in order to defeat your opponents.

By forging tactical alliances with other players you increase the force of your galactic presence as well as your chance of defeating your enemies in intense space battles. Exchange inside information with other players, share tips, and seek advice as you roam the vast universe of Battle Dawn Galaxies. Your mission is to build the strongest and largest space colony of all time. You will achieve this by winning battles and collecting precious crystals from all kinds of planets.

These crystals will allow you to upgrade your space ships and research new military technologies. Access the in-game battle simulator to choose an opponent to challenge. After every battle, you will be able to view a detailed battle report, allowing you to analyze where you went wrong and where you succeeded. This will be crucial in determining your next strategic move in the browser based game. Strive to take reign over the universe as you expand and empower your space colony.

Click on the green button below to register an account for Battle Dawn Galaxies. The science fiction game is completely for free and doesn't require a download whatsoever. Simply play the online game in the browser of your choice.

by Kyle Hayth

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