Battle Battalions
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Battle Battalions
What to expect:
  • Explosive Battles in Real Time
  • Various Customization Options for Units
  • No Base Building
  • Every Battalion Has a Specific Role within the Team
  • Multiplayer Matches
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • PvP
  • PC Games
  • Action
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Play Battle Battalions and Fight against Other Players

As the leader of military troops, you spread terror on the battlefields of the online game called Battle Battalions.


The online game Battle Battalions is all about fast-paced action! One explosion follows the next, as each team tries to gain an upper hand in battle. You are thrown into the midst of this tense war, and are tasked to defeat all enemies on the battlefield in the free-to-play game. Every second is important in the real time strategy game, as one moment of hesitation can lead to defeat. As the leader of your battalion, you are in charge of making all the difficult decisions. Your troops are simply an extension of your brain and will follow your every command. Keep in mind that you will only be able to win if your team of five players works closely together.

Command Your Troops

Every single battle depends on the abilities of your battalion and your skills as a commander. You decide which units will be part of your troop. Battle Battalions features slow tanks that can withstand heavy attacks and deal a lot of damage. Then there’s recon vehicles who are very agile and feature powerful rockets that can destroy tanks. They excel at scouting enemies and performing hit and run tactics. Last but not least, your infantry are a master of all trades. They are tactically flexible as they effectively fight against other infantry and harass recon and tanks with rear attacks. As a commander it is up to you to smartly balance these units and delegate them according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Who Will You Choose?

Before a match begins in the strategy game, you will choose a battalion that you can thoroughly customize to your liking. Your goal is to conquer and control specific points on a map with your teammates. In doing so, you will earn precious points that allow you and your team to win. During the match, it is up to you to decide where your units move and what they will do. You have various abilities in Battle Battalions that you can choose several times during a match. You can place drones for example or order your units to retreat. Additionally, you have one ability that is based on what kind of battalion you have.

If you want to be successful in Battle Battalions, it is important that you communicate with your team. Many smaller successes during a match can lead to victory in the free-to-play war game.

Battle Battalions Screenshots

Battle Battalions Screenshot-0Battle Battalions Screenshot-1Battle Battalions Screenshot-2Battle Battalions Screenshot-3Battle Battalions Screenshot-4Battle Battalions Screenshot-5Battle Battalions Screenshot-6Battle Battalions Screenshot-7Battle Battalions Screenshot-8Battle Battalions Screenshot-9
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