Batman - Arkham Origins: Now Available for Android Devices

07/28/2014 06:53 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsActionFighting

Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins

Releasing mobile games can be quite interesting at times. In comparison to online games, apps don’t necessarily go through the same rigid release checklist (closed alpha, closed beta, open beta, launch). Instead, mobile games sometimes have soft launches in certain areas first, get released exclusively in one app store, or only make it to tablets first, before (potentially) being released for smartphones at a later point. Batman: Arkham Origins is a good example for one of these launch procedures.

The action brawler has been available in the iTunes Store for quite some time already. Now, the app has also been released for Android devices. The mobile game can be downloaded in the Google Play Store - completely for free! Anyone who collects Google Play achievements can rejoice twofold, as Batman: Arkham Origins will support this feature. Aside from that, Android players will now be able to enjoy the complete game that iOS users have been playing for a while already - complete with all updates that have been released so far.
Batman: Arkham Origins also supports cross-platform gameplay. If you own both the mobile and PC/console version of the action game, you can unlock unique content for the latter version by completing certain objectives on your mobile device.

Source: Official press release
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