Batheo: Mythological strategic browser game goes into Open Beta

12/08/2010 08:35 am in News

The tactical building MMOG Batheo yesterday soared into the Open Beta phase of testing. The browser-based game opened its doors to all players wishing to participate in the Open Beta at 21:00 GMT last night.


Publishers of the strategy game Batheo have announced that each Open Beta (OBT) participant will receive 1,000 Gold on a daily basis throughout the entire testing process as a token of gratitude. The OBT will run until December 13th, so be sure to reap the benefits. At the conclusion of the Open Beta, the Gold will be transferred into Clapalong credits, which can then be used as Batheo credits in the full commercial release version. The down side is that all player information from both the Closed and Open Beta phases of testing will not be saved when the game goes into a full commercial release.

The strategic browser game Batheo takes you into the heart of a battle between giants, gods and humans in an ancient mythological world. The map-based navigation ensures you only ever progress to a new area once you have defeated all the NPC heroes of your current map. Once you have overthrown your opponents, legions and NPCs, you are able to recruit them into your own army, expanding and strengthening your army through numbers.

Source: Game homepage
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