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Batheo Description

This browser-based strategy game takes you back in time, where glory, honor and war count for everything, and the might of your empire dictates your future...


Batheo is a free-to-play building and strategy game set in ancient times incorporating aspects of Greek mythology. Each player starts the game with their own city and crops, expanding it as they accrue resources and workers. To unlock even more buildings and increase crop turnover, it is essential you continue to level up your city.

The free-to-play strategy game Batheo uses a map-based narrative, whereby each city's challenges need to be overcome before you can access the next map. One such challenge is overthrowing tough NPC heroes determined to slow you down, which can be recruited once they have been defeated.

There are eight historical factions that you are able to join in Batheo, including Testudo, Lochoi, and Crescent, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Once you have chosen your faction, you must then tactically deploy your troops to varying positions, including healer, inspirationer, damage dealer and massive flesh shield.

The strategies you employ will determine whether you are victorious or not in the intense PvP and PvE battles. Once you defeat a legion, you are then also able to recruit their heroes, strengthening your own army in addition to claiming victory. In the browser game Batheo you must also ensure you have ample supplies of weaponry, armory, troops and horses. Without these, you will quickly fail in battle.

In the strategy online game Batheo it is also crucial you continue to train your heroes, giving them new skills and additional strength. With the use of the in-game currency, laurels, you are able to fast track the training, sending your brave heroes to the battlefield prepared and ahead of time.

by Kyle Hayth

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