Bastards of Hell
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Bastards of Hell
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Bastards of Hell Description

Start revving your engines and be prepared for an action-packed journey to the biker ganglands of New York in this free-to-play browser game. But be sure to leave your morals behind...


The strategy game Bastards of Hell is set across several cities in modern America. As leader of your own outlaw biker gang, you strive to bring down your opponents in your bid to earn invaluable respect and take reign over America’s underworld. Get involved with the lucrative drug trade, and strive to instill fear in the hearts of your enemies. You start your journey in the city of New York. The Big Apple has been infamous in its history for gangs and mafias, so it is no wonder that your journey would start here. Your goal is to gain respect amongst the other thugs and criminals of the city. Over time and with your accumulated respect, you will unlock other cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, and Miami.

At the start of the game, you are given your own abandoned warehouse, which can be transformed into an underground hotspot with tattoo parlors, bars, strip joints, brothels, boxing ring, drug factory, nightclub, club house, workshop, casino and more. You will find all the elements of the underworld in the mafia and crime game Bastards of Hell. There are several kinds of automobiles, trucks, muscle cars, helicopters and private jets that can be collected in the game, increasing your status as an outlaw biker gang leader. You can also hire a Sergeant at Arms to automatically sell drugs on your behalf if log out from the game for any period of time.

However, the most important aspect of Bastards of Hell is respect. Gain respect to unlock numerous possibilities including police protection, new cities, and more opportunities for raids, transfers and better modes of transport. Make your mark on the modern world as a feared ring leader of an infamous biker gang.

The free-to-play strategy game is not only available for the browser of your choice, but also for your iPhones and iPads. Simply head over to the app store and download the game for free.

by Kyle Hayth

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