Baseball Superstars 2013
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Baseball Superstars 2013
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Baseball Superstars 2013 Description

Be the pitcher or the batter in this mobile baseball game and prove to the world that you are the one to beat in competitive battles. Train characters, consider new strategies, and meet other sports enthusiasts as you explore the online universe...


Become a professional baseball player and reach new goals every season to receive valuable rewards! With the right training, it won’t take long for you to rise to the top of the Baseball Superstars 2013 leaderboard. Just keep an eye on your character’s condition while starting out, as every rookie player will need a break every now and then to catch their breath. You will not be thrown into the deep end of the sports app, however, as Gamevil (Darkness Reborn) has made sure to include a tutorial coach that will explain everything there is to know about the free-to-play title. From learning the basics to increasing stats like control, mental, or curve: You decide the fate of your baseball player by collecting experience points and gaining levels. Yep, Baseball Superstars 2013 is indeed a combination between sports and roleplaying games!

In Baseball Superstars 2013, you are invited to enter the training grounds first to hone your skills. Defeating other teams - and by teams we mean other players - will come a little bit later down the road, once you have successfully set up your team and know how to bring out the best out of both your pitcher and your batter. Various items and boosts will lend a helping hand in a match of Baseball Superstars 2013, so make sure to stock up on new equipment before joining the world of competitive player-versus-player gameplay. With the help of touchscreen controls, every player should have a relatively easy time navigating their athletes and swinging for the fences in this baseball game. Each round, you have three chances to hit the ball and avoid a strikeout. Give it your all in this free iOS and Android app!

While going up against friends in multiplayer battles will surely increase your stats, there’s another way to get in your daily training in Baseball Superstars 2013. How, you ask? By taking on quests and completing certain objectives as you play through the single-player campaign. Both your pitcher and your batter will level up once they gather enough points. This will increase their attributes and make it easier to take on other players in the free baseball game.

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