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Barbarians Description

Build a castle fit for a king or queen and travel across the world seeking to conquer new territories. Wage war on other settlements and battle it out with an army of soldiers in this fun browser-based strategy game. The fight has just begun...


Barbarians is an online game set in the medieval period. Immerse yourself in the fun cartoon-like graphics and engage in warfare, similar to the style of Clash of Clans. You are tasked with building an army and traveling across the globe to defeat your enemies and conquer new land. A sumptuous sorcerer is your guide throughout this MMO game and she will tutor you through the initial battles, where you will gain gold and resources as you destroy other villages.

Initially, you start of with a small castle, small outbuildings and a few other basic commodities. The castle is your symbol of power and it will need constant improving throughout the game. Once you have gained some gold from your mine, you must start building the facilities you need to expand your army and enhance your town.

Each building in this free-to-play strategy game has an important purpose. As your town grows you will need to update its structures in order to satisfy the population and meet the demands of your army. In Barbarians, you must upgrade the buildings accordingly, for example the gold mine can be expanded, but then you must also upgrade your gold storage building. The same goes for your wood saw, if that is upgraded then you must also build a larger wood storage hut. So not only must you build, manage, and control an entire army, but you must also ensure all the buildings are in place for the town to function properly.

Keep checking Barbarians online to see your progress. Whilst your town is being constructed you can commence other quests and missions to gain rewards. Send your army into battle to destroy neighboring bases and travel across the map to get resources and gold. You can recruit different types of soldier and train them in the army barracks. Each type of warrior has a particular strength in battle and you must decide which soldiers to employ to make up your army and its constituent parts.

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