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ballersunited Description

In this unique browser game, you experience all the highs and lows of managing your own basketball team. Overcome all the hurdles and procure the best team you can...


Ballersunited is a browser-based game that blends elements of basketball management and the more traditional trading card style of play. It is your task in the free-to-play game to manage and train a basketball team, leading them to victory and ultimately to the basketball championships. Ballersunited has a similar design to other basketball management games on the PC and console market. To play ballersunited you only need a browser with a current Adobe Flash plug-in.

Your primary task in the browser game is to use strategy and tactics to train and manage your basketball team. There are over 100,000 different players in ballersunited to choose from, each with varying skills, strengths and weaknesses. Use strategy to decide which players to employ for your team. Plan the team tactics for each match and organize a rigid training program for your basketball players, to ensure they are kept in top form.

Aside from team management, there are several other aspects which you will need to manage to ensure overall success. These range from gathering support from fans and sponsors, to ensuring there are ample ticket sales for each match, so that your basketball club is financed. Play against thousands of other players from all across the globe, or become a spectator as you watch live coverage of the matches.

In ballersunited you are taken to the heat of the basketball courts and the centre of the action as a team manager. Regularly train and improve your team, reel in sponsorships and defeat your opponents to rise your way up the ladder and fly into the basketball championships.

by Kyle Hayth

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