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Baldur's Gate
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Baldur's Gate Description

Explore the fantastical world of this iconic role playing game. If you didn’t explore the Forgotten Realms in 1998, you now have a chance to do so - wherever and whenever you want. The mobile adaptation will keep you entertained for weeks...


You are familiar with the Candlekeep like no one else. The fortified walls of this fortress-turned-library have been your home ever since you can remember. It is all the more shocking when one day mysterious circumstances force you and your foster father Gorion - a talented mage - to quickly escape your home. Not only is there an entirely unknown world to explore, but you are also forced to be on your own, after the shocking death of your foster father. Quickly things get more and more dramatic and you find yourself in the midst of an unforgettable adventure as you help save the world from evil forces. Welcome to Baldur's Gate!

In case you weren’t familiar with classic role playing games, this is the backdrop for Baldur’s Gate which originally came out for PC in 1998. The RPG was critically acclaimed when it was released, revitalizing the genre on PCs and utilizing the Infinity Engine. A lot has happened since BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate originally came out. What was once the technical standard on computers can now easily be played on mobile devices. It is no wonder then that the classic game was finally released for Android and iOS devices.

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can now enter the fantastical world of the Forgotten Realms. In Baldur’s Gate, you enter a world of mystery, magic, fantasy, and adventures. Make use of the RPG’s reputation system to be rewarded for the choices you make. Customize your hero’s traits and abilities to set yourself apart.

Don’t worry, as you will not be alone in the mobile game. While the app is not an MMO, you will be surrounded by allies who will support you at all times. The RPG features more than 60 hours of gameplay fun, as well as the expansions from the enhanced edition of the game. Check out the Tales of the Sword Coast, the Black Pits, and explore all the improvements that were made to perfectly adapt Baldur’s Gate for mobile devices. Does any of this sound familiar? No wonder, as Neverwinter is set in the same fantasy world.

Baldur's Gate Screenshots

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