Bad Piggies: Celebrating Milestone with Major Update

02/27/2015 05:51 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsAngry BirdsPet Games

It’s been quite a while since the Bad Piggies got their last major game update. Considering that the sandbox game has been out since 2012, this has almost led us to believe that the folks over at Rovio Entertainment showed less interest in the mobile game, especially since so many newer games have followed over the course of the last year (Angry Birds: Transformers, Angry Birds: Stella). The avid pigineers (as Rovio calls their Bad Piggies community) have a major reason to rejoice now, however.

Because the app has reached more than 100 million downloads since its official launch, the Finnish studio has released a brand-new game update that adds new features to the sandbox app. 100 million is almost a third of the entire population of the US. That is quite incredible, so kudos to Rovio.

Bad Piggies

The patch brings a brandä-new sandbox level to Bad Piggies called Little Pig Adventure. It introduces several new challenges including new parts to collect, new icy surfaces, new achievements, and a new area to navigate. Aside from that, the new part adds the gearbox, allowing players to travel in reverse. It might not seem like a big deal but it will open quite a few gameplay opportunities. What a great way to celebrate such a great achievement!

So many new possibilities!

Source: Official game homepage

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