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Bad Piggies
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Bad Piggies Description

This mobile game brings you back to the Angry Birds universe, but this time, you will experience the world from an entirely new perspective. Forget about shooting your birds across the screen with a slingshot. Things are different in this game…


Publisher Rovio Entertainment has done it again - the studio has reinvented its franchise and brought a casual game to the mobile gaming scene that is offering an entirely new gameplay experience for players worldwide. In this installment of the series, things are completely new. Not only were the Angry Birds scratched from the app's title, but they are non-existent in the gameplay as well. As the title suggests, Bad Piggies focuses on the birds’ green antagonists, which are on their way to accomplish their usual quest of stealing the Angry Birds’ eggs.

It is up to you to support the green pigs in making it through more than 170 levels and allow them to come closer to their goal. Forget your usual tools, such as the slingshot, that you usually find in the Angry Birds universe, because the developers have not only changed who you will play as, but also overthrown the franchise’s entire gameplay mechanics. This mobile app is more than just a carbon copy of the Angry Birds franchise.

In order to help your pigs make it through each level, you have to construct means of transportation that drive, float or fly. Usually, the only inevitable result is that your vehicle will crash in the end. Make sure that you achieve all the objectives in each level before this happens. You can earn up to three stars for successfully ending a level. Collect these to unlock more than 36 additional levels.

Bad Piggies features various sandbox levels, in which you can construct vehicles combining more than 36 available objects. Create the ultimate means of transportation by adding motors, wings, fans, balloons, wheels, etc. The sky is the limit for your imagination.

The casual game is available for all iOS devices and for Android tablets and smartphones. If you prefer playing on your computer, you can also enjoy Bad Piggies in your browser or by downloading a client.

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