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Baby Heroes
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Baby Heroes Description

The time has come for you to put on a tiny uniform and lend a helping hand to those in need of help. Become a baby firefighter, builder or electrician and get some work done on damaged buildings. Simply tap the screen to get started for free!


Who says heroes need to possess superhuman strength and wear tight spandex suits? In this mobile game, your protagonists are everyday people, or shall we say toddlers, that take matters into their own tiny little hands and help out those who need it the most. Baby Heroes is available on iOS and Android mobile devices - whether you’re playing on your smartphone or a tablet. Six professions are currently available in the free-to-play simulation app. Want a little preview of what their jobs are? Nothing easier than that! The Fireman, as you would assume, puts out fires and saves landmark buildings from burning to the ground. As a firefighter, you might even have to rescue kittens from trees.

Then there’s the Gardener, a botanist that can turn the virtual city of Baby Heroes into a beautiful oasis of green shrubbery. Here, it is your duty to plant new flowers and tend to their every need. The Electrician, on the other hand, cuts the right cables to make sure that the electricity is either shut off (before the Fireman whips out his hose) or brought back after a blackout. The free casual game also lets you be a Cleaner. It’s not as bad as the job description implies, we promise! All that needs to be done is swipe the floor and take out the trash.

Busted pipes and water damage are every houseowner’s nightmare. Thankfully, you can also slip into the role of a handyman to take care of business. The Plumber is not the only baby hero with a nifty tool belt wrapped around their waist, however. The Builder, too, will need the right equipment to construct new houses and renovate old establishments in dire need of a makeover. As a construction worker it is up to you to paint walls and repair any damage. Manhandling a crane is not for everyone, but in Baby Heroes, nothing can stand between you and justice. Simply tap your touchscreen to operate heavy machinery and help out!

In this free mobile game, TabTale (My Newborn Baby) invites you to explore the map and assist local citizens. Earn coins and be rewarded handsomely for being a good Samaritan. Collecting in-game currency will also give you access to certain items that will quickly turn the Baby Heroes universe into a safe haven for toddlers and grown-ups alike.

Baby Heroes Screenshots

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