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Baby & Me
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Baby & Me Description

Raise your own little family in a Facebook game that will change how you look at the world forever. Become a mommy and take care of your little one by catering to its every need! Other players will be happy to meet up and swap tips and tricks with you…


Whether you are having a baby in real life and are preparing for what’s ahead or simply interested in raising a virtual toddler from the safety of your browser: Baby & Me is a free online game that allows players to become a mother and take on new responsibilities. You start by creating your very own baby. Choose a face, name and outfit for your precious offspring and see what the world has to offer! The number one priority in your Facebook life will from now on be the squishy little human that you are trying to raise. Make sure to not only feed the baby with tasty treats and nutritious meals on a regular basis, but also to change the diaper every time it needs changing!

You will witness the miracle of life in Baby and Me as you collect experience and take on different duties. Fun activities will keep your baby both entertained and busy, giving you a chance to take a breather and take care of yourself as well. The game's interface keeps you informed of everything you need to know about the mother and her child: How are they doing? Are they happy? Do they need anything? This way, you can always step in and take care of business whenever there’s an emergency. Reaching new ranks will unlock new options in the free baby game and make it possible for you to throw events and invite other families over for a play date.

Baby & Me is a social experience as much as it is a game. Here, you get to interact with other players through Facebook and give daily gifts to friends and family. Meeting new moms is also a possibility in this free-to-play title, just keep your eyes open and your ears peeled! Various mini games offer a challenge and will mix things up from time to time. Reach new exclusive ranks by gaining experience and see your newborn grow into a toddler before your very own eyes…

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