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Baby Airlines
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Baby Airlines Description

Baby pilots reporting for duty! You and other players will be in charge of running your very own airport in this free mobile game, just like in real life. The only difference: Everyone working there is still a toddler. A very capable toddler, though!


The hassle of traveling by airplane is stressful enough for many to fall back on more traditional means of travel such as trains or cars. What if you had babies to take care of everything, though? See, we caught your attention. In Baby Airlines, every position imaginable is taken up by a squishy little toddler. What sounds like a risky idea is, in fact, a fun way for you to dive into a baby simulation game that will keep you busy for hours and hours without forcing you to change diapers or warm up bottles of formula. Here, you take full control over both the airport and the actual cabin crew that is in charge of safely transporting other babies from one location to another.

Tedious tasks like checking bags for weapons and explosives are turned into fun activities in Baby Airlines. Making sure that the airplane is up to speed and ready for take-off sounds like a drag, eh? Not in this free mobile game, as the guys and girls over at TabTale (Baby Heroes) have made sure that this too is a fun quest rather than a boring mission. You also get the chance to slip into the role of a pilot and steer the soaring aircraft into the right direction with the help of touchscreen controls. The free-to-play baby app is available for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

A visit to the body shop will work wonders if you are looking to customize your airplane and add a couple of new decorations to the interior design. It is your plane, so why not have it look the part? From unique pedals to snazzy paint jobs that will wow customers and co-workers alike, Baby Airlines offers more than meets the eye. Sure, having toddlers in charge of a risky undertaking like that might seem like a stretch. Just download the simulation app for free, however, and see for yourself how capable these babies are, especially when under your guidance. They’ll be taking care of business in no time…

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