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Avalon Heroes
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Avalon Heroes Description

Embark on an epic adventure into a fantasy world packed with multiple heroes, numerous enemies, ceaseless action, fierce battles and intricate quests for you to experience...


Start out the heart-stopping fantasy game, Avalon Heroes, by creating your very own powerful kin. Your unique kin will play for one of two factions - Oriens or Aeonia. You are able to switch between the two factions throughout game play. You are given five free heroes for each faction as you begin. With experience and victory you will even have the opportunity to play with up to 100 different heroes in this thrilling client game.

Your kin has various stats that can be increased as you level up. These include damage, magic damage, critical damage, accuracy, charism and luck. Slay your enemies, tactfully improve your skills and rise to the top. Rise the ranks through the kin class system in Avalon Heroes, starting at the bottom as a mercenary troop, working through to various other classes including Armed Knight and striving for the top class: Imperial Royal Guard. Only the bravest and strongest heroes will make it that far.

There are endless modes in which you can display your combative and fighting skills in Avalon Heroes. These include the Scenario Mode, the Battle Mode, the Adventure Mode and the Arena Mode. The Scenario Mode takes you into epic single player campaigns, and the Battle Mode consists of five player ambushes. The Adventure Mode invites you to explore the dark and dangerous unknown as a small battalion of heroes, and the Arena Mode leaves your kin’s best hero to fearlessly face hordes of terrifying boss monsters alone. Show your strength and show the world of Avalon Heroes just how much of a hero you can be.

Avalon Heroes is a client-based MMORPG using elements of real time strategy. Collect precious and rare items and equipment, dress your heroes in outstanding choice costumes and spawn fearless creatures with which to defend from as well as attack and defeat your atrocious enemies.

by Kyle Hayth

Avalon Heroes Screenshots

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