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Aura Kingdom
What to expect:
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  • Dive Into a Vibrant Fantasy World
  • Awesome MMORPG Gameplay
  • Play Online with Your Friends
  • Create your Own Individual Character
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Aura Kingdom Description

Follow your destiny and choose a path within the free-to-play MMORPG that comes naturally to you, whether that means picking the Ravager, Sorcerer or Gunslinger class. Great adventures await you in this fantasy kingdom. Can you handle the task?


In this online game, players will embark on a journey through three different realms. First off there is Pandemonium, otherwise known as the underworld. Here, ghastly creatures that have been rejected from the sacred lands have gathered to forge infernal weapons and come up with new strategies on how to destroy the Aura Kingdom. Speaking of the Aura Kingdom: These magical lands lie beyond the sky and above the clouds, just out of reach for all mere humans. Last but no least, there is Terra, the home of any mortal being. Dozens of fantasy missions will keep you busy and send you on a quest to help out innocent townsfolk, recover ancient artifacts and just generally make the online world a better place.

Assisting the citizens of Azuria in times of trouble does not only benefit them, however. You too will draw valuable lessons from completing missions and heading into challenging dungeons. Every good deed you accomplish in Aura Kingdom will reward you with experience points, resources and legendary items. With the introduction of achievements, Aeria Games has found a way to recognize the milestones you have reached while playing the fantasy MMORPG. Since this online world is so massive in scale, your character can travel from place to place by gliding through the air. Sounds weird, eh? But trust us, strangers things have happened in Aura Kingdom.

Should magical beasts and undead ghouls no longer pose a challenge to you, feel free to go up against other players in the arena. Here, you have the chance to not only win exclusive prizes, but also make a name for yourself in the free-to-play MMO. Just keep in mind that player-versus-player combat is always trickier than just going up against monsters that are driven by artificial intelligence. We recommend enchanting your character’s equipment with so-called fortifications before taking on experienced gamers.

Aura Kingdom Screenshots

Aura Kingdom Screenshot-0Aura Kingdom Screenshot-1Aura Kingdom Screenshot-2Aura Kingdom Screenshot-3Aura Kingdom Screenshot-4Aura Kingdom Screenshot-5Aura Kingdom Screenshot-6Aura Kingdom Screenshot-7Aura Kingdom Screenshot-8Aura Kingdom Screenshot-9Aura Kingdom Screenshot-10
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