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Audition Description

Rock the virtual dance floor! In this free-to-play client game you have the opportunity to join a virtual dancing competition. It’s time to show off your talent and cut a rug with friends on the dancefloor...


In the online game Audition, everything is about dancing. You move your virtual character with the arrow keys of your keyboard. There are many different dancing modes to discover. Find out which one you like best! The aim of the game is to make your online dancer look as gracious and artistic as possible and win the dance battle.

At the beginning you create an individual character. In Audition, you can be whatever you want to be. There are practically no limits to your imagination. There are countless outfits to pick from but if those still are not enough for you, then you might want to drop by the shop. In the shop you can buy stylish clothes and items for your character as well as snazzy accessories that will complete the look.

By using the arrow keys you are able to perform the coolest dance moves ever. In the Basic Mode you attend your first dancing lessons and learn some basic moves. After playing through the tutorial and learning the first few steps to becoming a competitive dancer, you are prepared for the player-versus-player battles that lie ahead. The music game will teach you everything there is to know to pulling off massive combos and scoring big. Your highscore is what will set you apart from other players in this free online game!

In the fun free-to-play game Audition there are different levels. You start your Audition career as a Stiffy but soon you rise to become a Club Dancer and, after a while perhaps, a Super Star.

There are also features that enable gamers to communicate with each other. The Audition Messenger, for example, helps you to stay in contact with up to 50 friends. You can see who is online and what exactly your friends are doing in the game at the moment. You can also use the bulletin board to leave messages and and let the community know what new shenanigans you're up to next.

by Kyle Hayth

Audition Screenshots

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