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atWar Description

Take over the whole world in this strategic browser game - with a real world map and over 500 cities, the possibilities for ambush and occupation are endless...


atWar is a free-to-play strategy online game that is played directly in your browser. You must fight against other players in a bid to ultimately dominate and rule the world. The browser based game atWar contains a real map with 200 countries and over 500 cities to explore and potentially claim as your empire’s own. The game combines combat, strategy and more to create an exciting risk and civilization gaming experience. Each battle contains up to 20 players and may involve dozens of military units, powerful weaponry and much more.

To play the strategic browser game atWar you must simply register either on the homepage or log in with your Facebook account. The game allows free unit movement without the use of grids or paths, allowing you the freedom to explore and take over all corners of the world. With your goal of world domination in sight, forge alliances with other players and take on your targeted enemies together. With a vast variety of units, weapons, tanks and strategies to be employed, it is important each decision is made tactically and with the end-goal in sight. A brash move in the online game atWar could mean your sudden downfall.

Battles and other scenarios in the MMOG atWar are fast-paced and relentless, so it is important players are always on their guard. Participate in real-time modern warfare on a massive scale against thousands of players from all over the world in the challenging strategic browser game atWar.

by Kyle Hayth

atWar Screenshots

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