Atlas Reactor: Multiplayer Tactics with a Twist

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Atlas Reactor: Will the free-to-play Game Live up to the Hype?

The announcement of the new turn-based multiplayer game from Trion Worlds made us rather interested over here at BrowserGamez. On the surface Atlas Reactor just looks like a standard strategy game, but the more we learn about it, the more it piques our interest.

At first glance Atlas Reactor looks like a mix between Aerena, Team Fortress 2 and a third influence you can’t quite put your finger on. As you think about the in-game mechanics, however, an entire new level of depth becomes apparent. Granted, we haven’t seen or heard a great deal about exactly how the self-described “team tactics with simultaneous turns” will work, but we can certainly get an idea based on the gameplay we have seen so far.

Team Tactics with Simultaneous Turns

This is the idea that really fascinates us. There are loads of free-to-play MMORPGs, FPS and Strategy games floating around that claim to have something that sets them apart from the competition, but it always seems to fall just a little bit short. This is where Atlas Reactor could descend from the skies and deliver some unique and interesting gameplay, while at the same time being easy to learn, and difficult to master. While simulatneous turns isn't a completely new idea, it hasn't really been implemented in this kind of game. One of the most famous games to use simultaneous turns is the Civilisation series, however I'm pretty sure that your average Atlas Reactor game isn't going to last 9 hours with everyone ending up angry at Ghandi.

Tactical Strategy

Everybody knows how to play a turn-based game; you use an ability and place it where the bad guy is. All of that changes, however, with the simultaneous turn mechanic present in Atlas Reactor. We now have to think about how the enemy will react, and plan accordingly. It is no longer as simple as finding the biggest gun you have, and pointing it at the opposite team; is the enemy going to shoot back, dodge the shot, dash away, or do something that we didn’t even think about? Now we have to judge what the enemies moves will be before we pull the trigger. After all, the best shot is the one that actually hits the target.

Atlas Reactor has Multiple Players

It will be interesting to see how players react to this new mechanic, and what the tactical options are that will be available. We already know that there are a range of different characters to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, so perhaps each match will be like a game of rock paper scissors, only with more explosions and crazy characters.

Something that has put players off in the past when it comes to simultaneous turns, is that it sometimes feels like a gamble if there's not enough of a tactical element. There isn't always foresight and skill involved when you just don't know what your enemy will do, and you have no way of gathering information; sometimes you are just rolling a dice hoping they stay in the same place, or move to where you're aiming.

The art style of the game will help immerse the players into this ridiculous world that the developers have come up with. Its cell shaded, cartoon style graphics are fun to look at, and it doesn't take itself too seriously, which is definitely a good thing for a multiplayer game such as Atlas Reactor.

We are looking forward to the release. Everyone wants a game that is unique, and something truly new for them to play, but it remains to be seen if Atlas Reactor will live up to the hype.

Atlas Reactor is expected to be released in 2016

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