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Atlas Reactor
What to expect:
  • Turn-Based Tactical Shooter with Simultaneous Turns
  • Play with your Friends Online for Free
  • Cell-shaded and Futuristic Art Style
  • Wide Range of Characters to Choose From
  • Free-to-Play on Windows PCs
  • Download Games
  • Online Games
  • Strategy
  • Turn Based Strategy
  • Topic
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Atlas Reactor, the cell shaded free-to-play tactical shooter

Grab some friends, get online and get ready for Atlas Reactor! This is a turn based tactical game where every turn is your turn.


This tactical game from Trion Worlds (Rift, Trove) drops you into the action with cell shaded graphics and a revolutionary turn-based combat style. Packed full of interesting characters and gameplay, Atlas Reactor will have you coming back for more cartoon action.

Diverse Characters

The characters you can choose from are called Freelancers. These are futuristic fighters that are pitted against each other by Trusts. Once on the battlefield they have to use their quick-thinking and unique skills do dispatch of their enemies:

  • Lockwood, The Scoundrel: Specializes in fast combat and shooting his enemies with the help of his superior agility.
  • Pup, The Prototype: This robotic dog wastes no time in using his bark and his bite to deal with his enemies.
  • Asana, The Techno Tachi: She’s a skillful swordsmith with sharp wits and an even sharper blade.
  • Garrison, The One Man Army: Garrison specializes in frontline brawls, and wears his huge armor suit to protect himself. Not that he needs it.
  • Zuki, The Belle of the Bomb: This engineer specializes in making explosives and blowing things up from a distance.
  • Maul, The rage Beast: Made in a science lab, he is a beast wearing a futuristic suit that enhances his abilities to make him a fearsome opponent.

Constant Action

Atlas reactor is a multiplayer action tactics game, with a revolutionary turn-based gameplay structure. This is a game with all the benefits of a turn-based game, but without any of the downsides of having to wait for the other players. Everybody has simultaneous turns.

Explore a wide range of new tactical opportunities using this new turn-based model, and experience non-stop action on the battlefield. While you determine what your move should be, you also have to think about what your enemy may be up to. Are you going to shoot, dash, run or hide? Outsmart your opponents using the big personalities of the characters, and their unique abilities and playstyles.

Visit the homepage now and learn more about this competitive turn-based game, where it’s always your turn to play.

Atlas Reactor Screenshots

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Atlas Reactor Videos

Atlas Reactor News

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