Atlantica Online
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Atlantica Online
What to expect:
  • Live the famous story behind Atlantis
  • Unique gameplay experience
  • Many characters possibilities
  • Very large online community
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  • PC Games
  • Nexon
  • RPG
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Atlantica makes its great comeback!

Experience turn-based combats in a game that features impressive graphics! It is your task to go into battle against your opponents - and emerge victorious...


To understand a bit better how things work in Atlantica Online, you need to learn first that there is a special mercenary system in the game. You can recruit up to 18 soldiers who will accompany you on your journey. In battles with up to eight mercenaries you try to confuse your opponents with your dynamic and unique tactics.

In Atlantica Online you should never be lazy, and always try out new tactics during a fight. To figure out the weak spots of your opponent and hit him right there, you have to be able to adjust your tactics in a matter of seconds. Try to always do your best, for successful actions are rewarded. For example, you and your mercenaries will rise in the rankings and achieve higher levels. That way you will be able to improve many of your skills which will also lead to a more effective defense.

But that's not all in Atlantica Online. In addition to the battles of your soldiers, you can also compete against other players yourself in duels and thereby measure your strength with others. Betting on your victory makes things even more exciting.

Furthermore, Atlantica Online also includes a guild and a nations system. By forming guilds, you can uncover hidden secrets and create items together. Ultimately, it is also possible to become so strong as guild that you’re able to take control of a city and rule it. That’s not easy, of course. You will be responsible for culture, commerce, trade, health and safety programs while constructing buildings to make the city habitable.

But there are still ways to become even more powerful in Atlantica Online. Once you have your own town fully under control, you start ruling an own nation, maybe become the king of the allied guilds, gather special skills and master tough dungeons.

Be careful, however, for you are far from being the only king in the game, and soon others will declare war on you and try to steal your land.

by Kyle Hayth

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