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Athosia Description

Join forces with other players as you fight against evil, or engage in heavy PvP battles in this epic fantasy MMORPG. Forge strong alliances and win fights to earn honor and glory...


Athosia is a fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role playing game where players explore and roam a vast and war-torn land. Adopt the role of one of four characters, draw your weapons and make your way across the treacherous land to the battlefields of Mordor. Brave the turbulent seas surrounding the Demon's Eye – the remnants of a crater from a powerful and massive meteorite.

The browser-based game Athosia has an epic storyline and history rich in fantasy. Embark in intense combat against other races or against the impending evil that looms over the continent of Mordor. Participate in hundreds of quests that bring you to all corners of this mysterious land. With each completed quest, players unlock more mysteries about Athosia and its story.

There are four varying races that occupy the world of Athosia - Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs. The Humans are noble, intelligent and strong, focusing on technology and development research. They are a composed and perceptive race. The Elves are an ancient race, dwelling in the forests of Athosia mainly as hunters. They are a swift and spiritual race. The Dwarves are fierce, despite their stature, and are experts at magic and creating powerful potions to increase their strength. The Orcs are barbaric, brutal, and thrive on combat. They are a strong and greedy race, striving to take over the whole continent using the force of violence.

Purchase unique equipment for your hero from the Marketplace with copper and gold coins, or head to the Hall to find a unique job to start earning copper. Trade valuable items with other players at the Auction House, or head to the Tavern and accept one of the thrilling available quests.

by Kyle Hayth

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