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Astro Lords
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Astro Lords Description

Prepare for an intergalactic invasion as you immerse yourself into this free -to-play MMO. Engage in real-time skirmishes and epic battles to protect your precious resources and save your space army!


Build your base within a powerful force field on an asteroid that is floating among the Oort cloud. The cloud is a space in which all other human-inhabited asteroids travel. Here you will also find materials that will aid you in your quest of becoming the ultimate captain of the universe!

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is a space browser game with a unique story. The human race has discovered a powerful energy source hidden on an asteroid. We harnessed this energy and as a result, we took to the skies and our technology evolved quicker than ever. We quickly realized how to build spaceships and methods of travel that would take us to the far reaches of the galaxy. In doing so, we stumbled upon a cloud called the Oort. This cloud is filled with asteroids that are rich in a powerful mineral called a rune, which provides energy to anyone able to harness its powers. Your job as a fellow human is to stop the aliens from getting their hands (if you can call them hands) on these precious resources.

Within the Oort lies your asteroid and you must build a military base upon this rock that will serve as the home for your civilization. As you progress further into the space game, different buildings will be made available that will increase the power of your asteroid and its inhabitants. Providing you have the right resources, you can expand onto different asteroids in order to expand your territory and your army. When you become an accomplished Astro Lord in this free online game, you can employ new commanders and build a fleet of new spaceships.

When you have acquired the correct skills you can control your asteroids' movements and direct it through space. This free-to-play browser game allows you to navigate your way through the Oort cloud and find asteroids rich in minerals and resources. What is more, this allows you to pursue enemies and escape from persistent robbers and invaders. At any moment you could be attacked, so it’s best to watch your asteroid’s back!

Astro Lords Screenshots

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