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Astro Empires
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Participate in space battles on planets that no one has dared to visit. This free-to-play space strategy game is set in a persistent universe that awaits its newest class of admirals. Are you up for the task? Then sign up and prove it!


Astro Empires is a free-to-play game featuring massive warfare, deep strategy and award-winning game mechanics. The browser-based title was designed to be easy-to-learn, yet difficult to master; the ideal combination of tactical decision making and strategic maneuvering. Complete with a robust mobile option and a dedicated community, Astro Empires is a space empire-building title to truly sink your teeth in. Not literally, of course.

Featuring an aggressive update and enhancement schedule since its original release, Astro Empires has been launched by Portuguese development studio Cybertopia Studios in over a dozen languages. The community witnessed its largest content patch to date in late 2013. Encapsulating a new user interface, a new level of art detail, new technology for structures and ships and a rebalanced gameplay player experience, v1.5 of Astro Empires has put the space game back into the spotlight.

Astro Empires is set in a persistent world with each shard hosting more than 200,000 unique planets. This only proves that this browser game has what it takes to host some of the largest space battles of any massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. To succeed in such a dangerous universe, players must create core structures to develop a strong empire in the little-explored galaxy. Taking place in real time, tactical and strategic planning are the crux of intergalactic growth. The core gameplay offers a constant balance between expansions and innovations with numerous advanced technology options to research and hundreds of thousands of planets to wage war over.

Playing through the tutorial will show you the ropes of what it means to be a space commander. You will then have to work on building your own empire and fight for resources to make a profit. With these materials, you can build space fleets to not only defend your territory, but also to launch attacks on other players. Surviving in the futuristic world of Astro Empires is never easy, that's why you will have to make friends and join a guild to benefit from additional protection.

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