Assassin’s Creed Pirates: New Update Goes to the Far North

02/27/2015 04:55 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsActionPirates



It is getting cold in the nautical world of Assassin’s Creed Pirates – very cold! A new update has recently been launched in the iTunes Store which adds new content and a few new features to the mobile game. So far, the patch has not been added to the Google Play Store, but we know from past experiences that it should follow within the next few days, if not hours. While the previous update made the app free-to-play, the current patch particularly focuses on new content.

It is getting quite chilly in Assassin's Creed Pirates.

A corrupt French admiral is trying to take over the Far North plundering it of all its treasures. Naturally, you can’t let that happen, which is why the latest update in Assassin’s Creed Pirates brings you to the cold north. When we say cold, we are talking about icebergs, ice caverns, and very cold seas. No more tropical warmth in this update.

It seems appropriate considering how extremely cold this past winter has been. Players will travel to the North Pole, navigating their ships through a brand-new region inspired by the icy cold. Their mission is to stop the French Navy from achieving its goal. A new ship of the line will help all players battle it out against the French fleet. If that still isn’t enough, an additional perk slot allows players to further customize and improve their boats.

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