Assassin's Creed Identity: Back Online with Big New Update

01/28/2015 04:36 am by William Hankin in NewsAdventureAction

After some downtime, fans of Ubisoft's (Anno OnlineThe Bot Squad) free-to-play action RPG will be pleased to hear that it's back online with a big new update. It is now possible to play across multiple mobile devices by linking your Assassin’s Creed: Identity profile with your Facebook account. Plus. This allows players to invite friends and play in multiplayer games for more loot and better rewards.
This free-to-play update includes improved missions, over ten new in-game achievements, and more story mission challenges. Players will now receive more loot for their hard work, including valuable items, modules, and decryption components, and there is a new XP mode for those assassins looking to level-up more quickly.
Player should note that this update is obligatory if they wish to continue playing the game. Stay tuned for more Assassin's Creed: Identity news!

Source: Facebook
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