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Asgard Heroes
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Asgard Heroes Description

Having been stranded by your people on an elusive planet, it is your task to rebuild all that you know in order to reach the stars to obtain freedom and glory...


Based on the famous Stargate television series, this futuristic free-to-play browser game takes you to a foreign planet, where you have been left to fend on your own. Collect resources, construct dwellings and build a thriving economy in the space-themed browser game Asgard Heroes. You start the game in an abandoned military facility, where starving colonists look to you for guidance, support and food resources. There are five resources in Asgard Heroes including food, argon, erythium, energy and money. A tactical balance between all of these resources is the key to success in this browser-based online game.

Your next step in the game is to start construction of various dwellings including houses for your colonists, solar plants, argon extractors, erythium mines and hydroponic E.D.E.N. farms. You then train various troop units at the barracks, and equip them for spy missions, raids on enemy factions and for defense of your empire. In Asgard Heroes you are also in charge of a powerful orbital fleet that will help you in transporting your citizens, collecting resources and performing raids on other players. You can also join or form a powerful alliance to take on the forces of the universe with and increase your overall strength and power.

Using the Transporter in the massively multiplayer online game Asgard Heroes you are able to trade your collected resources with other players, to ensure you have enough of each valuable resource. Become a hero of the future as you expand a thriving intergalactic settlement, oversee your colonists and reign in wealth, honor and prestige in the space-themed browser game Asgard Heroes.

by Kyle Hayth

Asgard Heroes Screenshots

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