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Asda Story
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Asda Story Description

Adopt up to three different personalised characters and venture to a vibrant fantasy world, fighting your enemies along the way in this adventurous client game...


Asda Story is a free-to-play client game set in the imaginative world of Omnibus, bursting with colour. After much unrest and war in Omnibus, several of the races have come together in peace to tackle the decrepit and evil Decron Army. It is up to you to protect this beautiful land before it is destroyed by the wrath of the Decrons.

In Asda Story you can take on up to three different hero characters, personalising their hair colour, hair style face shape, and clothing. Choose from one of three character classes - mage, warrior and archer, and choose from a further nine diverse professions. Each profession has disadvantages and advantages, so choose wisely. Meet and become connected with your soulmate in Asda Story. Roam the land together using the unique buddy system - once you have found your soulmate you are bound together, supporting and helping each other in combat, as you roam the world.

In Asda Story there are endless thrilling quests for you to embark on, each with their own special rewards. Show off your skills by completing scenario quests, job change quests, soulmate quests, plan quests and quarterly tests. Venture into one of the instanced dungeons in Asda Story, and claim it for your party as a safe haven and headquarters.

Buy and sell common items such as jewellery, refining materials and potions, or premium items such as weaponry, armour and assisting weapons at the Asda Story market. Earn the unique combination of soul and jewel, sowel, as you embark on new adventures and quests. Help the people of Omnibus reclaim their beautiful world, and fight for the fate of their world.

by Kyle Hayth

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