Asda 2: Ready, Set, Go! The Open Beta Begins Today

05/19/2011 04:03 am in News

Publishers OnNet USA, announced yesterday that the Open Beta testing phase of the free-to-play MMORPG, Asda 2, will begin today. To help celebrate this event and get players involved, there is going to be a host of in-game events!
Asda 2

Asda 2

The sequel to the online game Asda, Asda 2 is getting ready to become a full-fledged online game. However, you need to walk before you can run and hence the start of the Open Beta testing phase. Operators of the games portal GamesCampus, OnNet USA (Legend of Edda, Soul Master), has said there will be a variety of in-game events for you to participate in while trying out the free-to-play MMORPG for the first time.

The events that will be taking place start right in the beginning with the aptly name "Race to Login". Among the other events are the Soul Mate leveling contest, Daily Attendance and Lucky Monster. Not only can you win some cool in-game rewards, but real life rewards as well.

As part of the Open Beta launch of Asda 2, you will be able to try out the new Avatar feature. This lets you completely customize the way your character looks from head to toe, giving you the most unique character possible.

Source: Press release
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