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Ars Regendi
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Ars Regendi Description

As the leader of a country, you have many tough decisions to make and plans to make the future for your citizens better. Test your skill against hundreds of others to be the best country in the world.


Ars Regendi is a browser-based political and economical simulation game. You will have your decision making and management skills tested as you compete with hundreds of others to have the best country in the world. There are going to be many hard decisions to make, but if you make them wisely, you will be successful.

You have the opportunity to found and lead your very own country in Ars Regendi. You get to decide all of the finer details of what your country will be called to the flag that flies. Not only can you use one of the hundreds of already existing flags, but you can even upload your own design as well.

To help determine your political stance, Ars Regendi will present you with a series of quotations. You will get to rank these from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree with priority ranging from low to high. Based on your answers, you will build a political profile for yourself.

Ars Regendi features a unique way to let you make political and economical decisions for your country. There is a task list that shows current issues in your country that you need to tend to and how pressing the matters are. When addressing these issues, you are given a list of decisions that you can make on the issue with famous quotes to help and advise you.

Much like in real-life, you can bring your country into an alliance with others. This adds a whole new dimension to the game play of Ars Regendi because by joining an alliance, you can make friends... but also enemies.

Be the leader of a country is never easy but Ars Regendi gives you the opportunity to do so right from your browser. The free-to-play simulation game lets you create a state and manage it in a turn-based game environment with hundreds of other players. Make your population happy and found the most powerful nation in the world.

by Kyle Hayth

Ars Regendi Screenshots

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