Armored Warfare: 5 Tips for Playing a Tank Destroyer

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Tips to Playing the Tank Destroyer in Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare has been gathering players for their free-to-play tank game since August. One thing that players have issues with is how to play Tank Destroyers well. Here are 5 tips to help with the TD.

Players coming from other tank and war games such as World of Tanks or War Thunder will probably be used to a very different Tank Destroyer playstyle; here at browsergamez we have taken the time to gather some tips and tricks from the best players out there to help you improve your games with this class of vehicle.

The Centauro TD in Armored Warfare

The Centauro TD in Armored Warfare

Maximize Your Damage

  • This one is obvious, and has a lot to do with other factors we will talk about later, but a trick that most people forget is that the Tank Destroyer gets a 15% damage increase just from zooming in fully when using the sniper mode to aim. This doesn’t sound like much but it’s a huge bonus when added up over a whole match. Remember to zoom in!

Keep Moving

  • Moving is really important when playing the Tank Destroyer in Armored Warfare. Not only does it allow you to get into a better position, it also prevents the enemy from firing at you once you’re spotted. A good tactic is to stop somewhere, fire a round or two, then move on before the enemy has a chance to respond.
Tank Destroyer in Armored Warfare

Tank Destroyer in Armored Warfare

Use the Right Ammo

  • Armored Warfare has a whole load of different ammo types in the game, which in itself can be confusing. Check out the ammo guide that we have if you need some help understanding it all. Be sure to use the right type of ammo when firing at the enemy, armor piercing tends to be the most common, but switching to high explosive is sometimes needed.

Use Your Mobility

  • One of the main strengths that the Tank Destroyer has is its high mobility. Make sure that you use this to your advantage and try to flank some of the slower enemy vehicles; MBTs are particularly good targets. Make sure to have an escape route behind you, as Tank Destroyers cannot turn on the spot like other tanks as they have wheels instead of tracks.

Prioritize Targets

  • This one takes a bit of practice, but in time you’ll be able to quickly recognize which enemy vehicle is the biggest threat to your team, and also if you can easily destroy it with the Tank Destroyer. Try not to tunnel vision on to just one enemy, and keep a good awareness of your surroundings. The minimap is excellent for this and will help you choose the right target for your rounds.
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