Armored Warfare: New Mode Called Global Operations

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Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare

Publisher has announced a brand new game mode for their free-to-play action game Armored Warfare. Global Operations will not just add new content to already existing maps, but it will bring brand new areas to the action game, bigger than anything that has been added in the past. That is not the only special feature of the new patch. Global Operations combines PvE and PvP content since both teams will be supported by AI vehicles. The first new map is called Desert Crossing, and it is bigger than any map before in Armored Warfare. Players will fight over a massive dry dock with an aircraft carrier.

The matches in Global Operations will all have a time limit and feature up to 30 players battling it out against each other in two teams. Both teams start with a specific number of points at the beginning of the match. By destroying the AI vehicles of the inimical team or conquering their control zones on a map, players can rob their opposing team of points. The team who lost all points first, will lose the match. The game mode is somewhat comparable to Battlefield’s “Conquest” mode.

The so called Wildcards add another layer of tactics to the game mode. By conquering “Wildcard” objectives, players can call in military assets from their HQ. Wildcards include pillboxes, surveillance drones, air raids, and a supply zone. Each new addition to the Global Operations mode might bring different types of Wildcards.

The studio behind Armored Warfare has also hinted at the fact that the new patch will improve some balancing aspects particularly concerning state-of-the-art weapons like guided missiles and advanced vehicle defense systems. There’s no precise release date yet for Global Ops, but the launch will be announced in the near future.

Source: Press release

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