Armored Warfare: New Vehicles and Maps

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Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare

The free-to-play action game Armored Warfare got some new content this week. The developers over at Obsidian Entertainment released update 0.16 that adds two new vehicles among many other things. Players can check out the new T-15 HIFV Tier 10 vehicle and the Tier 7 Premium Tank Destroyer PTL-02. Three new PvE maps will be the perfect backdrop for the vehicles. The missions are called Zero Hour, Basilisk, and Erebos, and they will add brand new challenges to the war game.

Losing will now be a little less disappointing in Armored Warfare. Even if a team does not win in a PvE or PvP challenge, it will receive a reward. This is thanks to the new Loot System which rewards participating players with a supply crate. The type of prize depends on how well a player performed in a match, regardless of whether they were on the winning team or not. The online game also got a new commendation system that allows players to earn reputation and credits for accomplishing certain actions in battle.

On top of that, update 0.16 revamped the sound effects in Armored Warfare. The developers wanted to make the atmosphere a lot more immersive and realistic. Some sound effects were updated while others were exchanged for completely new ones. Players can now enjoy new engine sounds, new sounds for ricochets, and turret rotations among many more.

Last but not least, the patch improved various gameplay issues based on the constant feedback that the developers get from their community. Included are shot delay correction, incorrect turret facing, and shot normalization changes.

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