Twitch Showcase: Armored Warfare Developer Q&A

05/03/2016 05:39 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsDownload GamesPvP

Merkeva MBT in Armored Warfare

Merkeva MBT in Armored Warfare

Now that you have all had a chance to get a feel for Armored Warfare after our previous Twitch Showcase, we wanted to give you all the chance to get to know the team behind the game and ask some questions about upcoming changes and tanks!

A few weeks ago we wrote about the upcoming 0.15 Update for Armored Warfare, and in anticipation of the awesome new Tier 10 vehicles, we will have the pleasure of having one of the Armored Warfare community managers, Firo, live on our Twitch stream taking questions from viewers. The Q&A session will kick off on Tuesday, the 3rd of May at 17:00 CEST, and will run until 19:00. Once again you will be left in the capable hands of all-round action game expert iEarlGrey, as he acts as a host for all of your questions, while showing you what you can expect from the Armored Warfare update. The new 0.15 patch will be dropping today, so this is a great opportunity to find out more about these awesome changes coming to Armored Warfare:

  • Tier 10 Tanks: Six brand new vehicles to roll out with.
  • New PvE Missions: There are two new missions, Operation: Prometheus and Operation: Meltdown.
  • Premium Vehicles: The Merkeva Mk.2b will be making an appearance in the 0.15 update.

As you can see, there's loads of cool stuff coming with this update, so make sure to catch iEarlGrey streaming at, or with the embedded stream below.

Throughout the entire stream there will be the opportunity to ask any question you like using the “!question” command in the Twitch chat so that iEarlGrey can read them to Firo, so make sure you’re there on time to catch the Armored Warfare action before heading out onto the battlefield.

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