Armored Warfare: Customize Tanks with Camo

01/21/2016 09:41 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsDownload GamesPvP

Camouflage in Armored Warfare

The free-to-play tank game Armored Warfare is getting some cool cosmetic camouflage. Players will be able to customize their tanks with all kinds of different camo from real-world tanks across the globe.

Obsidian Entertainment has just released a teaser video packed full of tanks, camouflage, and of course, explosions. The video shows off a whole bunch of the iconic tanks found in the game, and uses them as the canvas for the new camouflage feature. There are loads of different styles on show in the YouTube video, including some arctic tundra colors and the traditional green camouflage that we are all used to seeing in military games. Check out the video below to see the tanks in action.

For those that haven’t played Armored Warfare, the tank MMO launched into open beta a few months ago, and lets placers face-off against other tank captains to show their skill online. Check out our full review of the game for a more in-depth look at the gameplay, or click the button below to download the game for free and start your Armored Warfare career today.

Source: Official Press Release

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