Armored Warfare: Open Beta Rolling Out in October!

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Armored Warfare: Soon in Open Beta

The Open Beta for the free-to-play tank game, Armored Warfare, will soon be live! It has been a long time coming, but the war game is now ready to enter the next stage of development.

Just last week we brought you the news that the stress test for the Armored Warfare servers was underway, signaling the closure of the Early Access stage of development. It would seem that the stress tests were successful, as Obsidian Entertainment and have announced that the open beta will be available for anyone to join as of the 8th October, with those that have purchased a Founder's Pack having a head start on the access, starting from the 1st October.

New Features

The Open Beta brings a number of new features for players to get involved with and test out. This is quite a large update compared to previous updates, and there is a lot of exciting content for existing players:

  • 5 unique classes: Battle Tanks, Armored Fighting Vehicles, Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers, and Self-Propelled Guns.
  • Over 60 new vehicles.
  • 9 PvP maps that span the globe.
  • A 15 vs. 15 battle mode.
  • Massive 25 Player PvE maps.
  • A military base for every player.

Players that have already purchased a Founder’s Pack will be able to join the action a week early, and will keep their progress when the rest of the Open Beta players join in. The game will be available for download completely free from the link below, and more information on Armored Warfare can be found in the news section.

Source: Official Website

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