Game of the Day: Armored Warfare

10/12/2015 10:40 am by Benjamin Robson in Game of the DayDownload GamesPvP

Armored Warfare: Game of the Day

We now have one more tank-based MMO to add to our game of the day list. Armored Warfare is the latest free-to-play release from Obsidian Entertainment, and has finally left the closed beta!

For anyone that doesn’t know about the war game, it has been compared to Wargaming’s World of Tanks, and that’s quite a fair comparison. Players are tasked with commanding their own tank and taking it onto the battlefield. After playing the game for a while, we are all happy here at browsergamez to label this new free game as our Game of the Day. Although at first glance it does look like a complete clone of World of Tanks, there are some differences that make it a very well-polished game.

Modern Tank Battles

The first thing you’ll notice is the amount of modern and up to date technology included in the game. You are able to fit the vehicles with interesting modern military hardware like missiles, thermal vision, and smoke shells. This makes the game far more tactical than others in the genre.

There are currently five different types of tank to choose from, and each one of them has their own unique strengths and playstyles, meaning there is something for everyone to enjoy. There are massive heavy tanks, light scouts and artillery to get involved in. Check out our guide to the classes for more information.

It is definitely a game we would recommend checking out. The tutorial eases players in very nicely, and the controls are very intuitive. After all, it’s completely free! Click the button below to head over to their homepage and download the tank game!

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