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Arma 2 Free
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Arma 2 Free Description

Combat is intense and you must master not only your weapon but vehicles as well if you are to come out of these battles victorious. Customize your kit and become the ultimate soldier...


Arma 2 Free is the free-to-play model of the popular military simulation series Arma. Experience a richly detailed world with authentic weaponry and vehicles as you fight alongside other players for control of the map. Although free-to-play, Arma 2 features dedicated servers and all of your progress is saved, allowing you to create and develop the soldier of your dreams.

Arma 2 Free features an extensive armory with over 300 different types of weapons. This allows you to find that perfect rifle for long range sniping or the most powerful explosives to take out enemy vehicles. Additionally, you can experience land, sea and air battles with various vehicles that are armed to the teeth!

There are also various forms of multiplayer that you can enjoy in Arma 2 Free. Not only can you take on another team in intense PvP action, you can also participate in Co-Op missions where you work together to complete a specific objective and if you are truly insane, you can participate in a free-for-all match where anything goes. Host your own matches on your own machine to play with your friends or participate in matches with 50+ players, as well as hundreds of AI controlled units, on any number of the dedicated servers.

You can also use your military genius and creativity in Arma 2 Free. The Mission Editor feature allows you to create your own mission. So if you have ever had trouble finding a mission that is challenging enough for you, then have no fear! Your elite team can take on any mission you create.

by Kyle Hayth

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