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Argo Online
What to expect:
  • Go on an epic journey in this free MMORPG
  • Explore a world that is very different from the Earth we know today
  • Join one of the two opposing races - the Noblians and the Floressla
  • Choose between eight different characters per faction
  • Participate in over 1000 quests
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  • Steampunk
  • Topic
  • Fantasy
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Play as one of Two Opposing Races in Argo Online

Be transported into a future world full of death, destruction and the race to source the remaining precious minerals of the earth in Argo Online.


The free to play MMORPG Argo Online takes you on a journey to a world so different to the Earth we know today. Reeling from an utterly destructive Fourth World War, the Earth has now split into two fiercely opposing races – the Noblians race and the Floressla race. Both are making continued efforts to seek out the precious and very rare mineral Earthdium. Earthdium is desperately sought after by the Noblians and Floressla races, for two opposing reasons.

One race seeks Earthdium to assist them in the recreation of civilisation following the destructive war. The other race seeks Earthdium in order to attempt to save the futile remains of Mother Nature. In Argo Online you must choose with which race you loyalties lie, and join the crucial feud for the rare mineral.

Both the Noblians and Floressla races have their own unique advances in technology, including different environments, vehicles, and of course weaponry and armour. This ensures that by playing Argo Online you will encounter endless futuristic realms to explore, momentous fights to partake in, and significant opportunities to display your strategic and combative skills.

Within each faction there are eight different characters to choose from, each with unique character traits and skills. Join the large-scale epic PvP battles and smaller brutal skirmishes, and do whatever it takes to fight your way to victory. There are 1000s of quests to partake in and an intricate interactive map to play with.

Argo Online is set in a futuristic world comprised of fantasy and steam-punk elements, and high end graphics. The hybrid MMORPG, published by Burda:ic (Land of Chaos Online, S4 League), combines strategy and tactics to present a challenging cutting edge web game.

Argo Online takes you on an epic adventure into a destroyed world, left hanging only by the hope of finding the precious Earthdium.

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