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Arena Online
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Arena Online Description

Dive into a fantastic world full of monsters and a variety of creatures. Choose one of the races and join in the everlasting fight for ultimate power...


Are you adventurous and always ready to bravely face new challenges? Then let the MMORPG Arena Online take you into this mysterious world. You hardly have time to catch your breath as you must constantly face new challenges and quests. This includes, among other things, to fight against strange and scary monsters.

In Arena Online courage and skill are more important than anything else. Before you plunge into the adventure of Arena Online, however, you have decide on one of the mysterious worlds first.

A long time before you entered the world, the old gods decided to create new life. After many disagreements, they finally made three different races that now coexist in the world of Arena Online and fight against each other.

If you decide on the Barbarians, then you become part of the oldest race in Arena Online. You should take into consideration that the barbarians despise weakness and luxury. The great fighting skills of this race will give you a big advantage when it comes to battles with enemies.

The forest elves are less urban, living completely isolated from the other races. As a member of the forest elves, it does not matter to you what happens in the rest of the world - you try not to get involved unless it is absolutely necessary.

Or you can choose option number three and join the humans. Thanks to the powerful magicians who fight on their side, this race has a good chance to gain more power.

Succeed in numerous battles, quests and unexpected tasks, and struggle for supremacy in Arena Online.

by Kyle Hayth

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