Arena of Heroes
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Arena of Heroes
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Arena of Heroes Description

You are part of an elite group that was selected by a powerful council. As a guardian, it is your task to protect the mysterious power which lies in the center of the galaxy. This power resides in a giant metal dome that consists of thousands of towers.


In this free-to-play MOBA game, you have to defend the entire galaxy in the Arena of Heroes. This is where two players called Guardians control their heroes to not only destroy the enemy base, but also defend their own base at the same time. Each Guardian controls four heroes with which he tactically defeats the opposing team.

Arena of Heroes is not your run-of-the-mill MOBA game – it's a turn-based, multiplayer, online, battle arena game. If you’ve always thought that MOBA games have a tendency to be too fast paced and confusing, you should maybe check out Arena of Heroes. Here, players take turns selecting their heroes and controlling them. In each turn, your heroes will receive three action points. Use these points to move your heroes and to use their abilities, also called powers. But beware: some powers cost focus which is displayed as a blue bar over your hero’s head. Choose your hero's powers wisely in order to not run out of focus. Each attack and movement will require an Action Point. Accordingly, the Arena of Heroes is slower, more deliberate and tactical than some other MOBAs.

With each win, you earn fame with which you level up and ultimately unlock new and more powerful items. Currently Guardians can ultimately reach level 60. One of the items you will unlock are called Glyphs. These are in-game items that can be used to make your heroes more powerful. Win enough battles and purchase many Glyphs to level your heroes. To purchase said enchantments, you will need to get coins. This is the in-game currency that players earn as a reward for playing the game. You will obviously receive more coins for winning a battle than for losing it.

Arena of Heroes is an optimal game for anyone who is fascinated by fantastical, sci-fi environments and turn-based MOBAs that focus on strategic thinking.


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