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Arena of Fate
What to expect:
  • Free-to-Play MOBA Action
  • Play as Iconic Historical and Fictional Characters
  • Challenge your Friends in 5v5 Battles
  • Play the Ranked Ladder and Prove your Skill
  • Unlock Every Character to find the Best one for Your
  • Download Games
  • PvP
  • Action
  • MOBA
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Arena of Fate Description

Want to see Little Red Riding Hood tackle Fenrir, the slayer of Odin? How about slipping into the role of Robin Hood to make sure that Jack the Ripper stays off the streets of London? Join this MOBA today to witness historic characters battle each other.


Some might argue that all the iconic characters straight out of literature, films or history books are long dead and have no place being in some of today’s games. Nonsense, says Crytek. With Arena of Fate, the developer and publisher behind Warface has expanded its portfolio with a MOBA that allows for intense team battles and interesting combinations on the battlefield. Why? Just take a look at the roster of available champions that include Robin Hood, Joan of Arc and Little Red Riding Hood. Pick the one you like best and jump into the online arena to challenge your friends!

Do you usually go for sturdy warriors in games like League of Legends or Smite? Then consider choosing Joan of Arc as your main champion. She’s not only good at absorbing damage and protecting her allies from harm, but she also possesses healing powers that can quickly turn the tide of battle. Playing as or having the Maid of Orléans at your side is always a safe choice when entering the Arena of Fate.

Both Fenrir and Little Red Riding Hood are known for their fiery temper and ability to set enemy targets ablaze. Once they unleash their raw power, there’s no stopping them. Quite literally in the case of Fenrir, as he can break out of crowd control effects without breaking a sweat. Is electricity your weapon of choice? Feel free to try out Nikola Tesla to teleport yourself across the arena with ease and shock anyone that comes too close. Arena of Fate features a new challenge for both veteran MOBA players and newbies alike.

Those more experienced than others can look for nifty ways to collect points for their team while those just starting out can stick to what the tutorial taught them. You will unlock new heroes, abilities and items as you play through matches and succeed in taking reign over the free-to-play online game. Remember that you depend on the help of your team to get the best results!

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