ArcheAge: Ascension Update Is Live

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The free-to-play MMORPG ArcheAge is getting its biggest patch since the 2.5 update went live back in January. Sound familiar? Back in January, we reported that update 2.5 was the biggest since the 2.0 patch went live in September 2015. It seems like there’s a certain pattern. The guys and girls over at Trion Worlds apparently like to release a major patch every few months followed by several smaller updates that fill the void before the next massive expansion comes out. The current update is called ArcheAge: Ascension, and it brings a lot of exciting new features and new content to the online roleplaying game.

The central part of Ascension allows players to build their very own castle from scratch. They will have the ability to go hand in hand with the leaders of Nuia and Haranya, as they team up with other players to form player nations ruled by a Sovereign who rules over the land. Conquering territories, collecting taxes, and ruling the land and skies with the new Golden Wyvern mount will become possible in ArcheAge. Obviously, a nation wouldn’t be much without an actual castle. Players can build a bigger castle than ever before including markets, farms, warehouses, and more. The goal is to found a new type of economy in the fantasy world of Auroria.

ArcheAge: Ascension also improves and expands the Obsidian items. Not only are Tier 7 Obsidian items available now in the roleplaying game, but Tier 5 and Tier 6 require less wisps to craft. Last but not least, the update changes the format for siege bidding in town, adds matchmaking to the arena, and adds more PvP features to the title.

Source: Official game homepage

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