ArcheAge: 2.0 Content Patch brings Loads of New Updates

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ArcheAge Update 2.0 is Here

Trion Worlds has been busy lately, with the Alpha of Atlas Reactor, and updates to Trove, but that hasn’t stopped them from giving players of their free-to-play MMO ArcheAge a huge update.

The 2.0 update, titled Heroes Awaken, is going live on the 12th September. This update is the biggest that the game has received to date, which should get existing players excited, and entice new players in to trying out the free-to-play game. This update includes a whole host of new content, such as a new Hero System, treasure chests, a new guild system, and many more.

ArcheAge Update 2.0

ArcheAge Update 2.0

Hero System

The new hero system in place adds an interesting element of community. A Hero is elected by other play, and there can be up to 9 heroes per faction on the server. This means it’s a pretty big deal to be elected a hero. These heroes can summon allies to their side, get special items, and even have their own council building in the major in-game cities.

Alongside this hero system is the enhanced guild system Trion Worlds has included. Guilds now have levels, and as the guild progresses players will benefit from unlocking powerful abilities and bonuses through their community. Guildmates will also be able to declare war on other guilds, and fight against each other through the Guild Dominion system.

A Hero’s Welcome

A brand new event will take place when the update comes out; existing and returning players will be able to benefit from awesome items and titles as a reward for their loyalty. Perhaps most importantly, existing players are also eligible for a new flying mount, the Royal Griffon, which is only the second flying mount to be included in ArcheAge.

ArcheAge is completely free-to-play, and is available for download from the Trion Worlds website, and also the official ArcheAge website.

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